6 Office Design Trends Taking the Workplace by Storm

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Next to the rise of flexible work hours, remote work, and modern technology, office design has undergone significant changes. These changes have opened up the door to a whole new area of how the workplace looks and functions. This includes open-plan layouts, coworking spaces, ergonomic workstations, and the like. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular office design trends that millennials have brought about.

Design focused on the business culture

In order for your business to be successful, an office design with a lot of thought put into it is essential. The idea is that design should reflect your business’ character and values. Offices are no longer merely a place to work. They say something about your company and its vision, both to workers and clients. The business culture trend has moved the office design towards being more team-driven and transparent. Old cubicles will no longer do. The time has come for a workspace that is more oriented towards communal work.

Eco-friendly workplace design

The new workforce is extremely focused on eco-friendly practices. Their workplaces show off this care for the environment. This design includes sustainable materials, equipment which is energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lights. Offices around the world are following this trend, choosing to be responsible towards their environment, and inspiring prospects and existing clients. By turning the workplace into a green environment, long-term costs are reduced and profits are boosted. This trend is only expected to grow in the near future.

Office design that incorporates nature

Introducing natural elements into your office has become a popular trend as well. Organic materials and greenery are now a common thing to see in workplaces. The idea is a kind of unity between the workplace and nature. Millennials believe that this kind of design is not only visually appealing, but also promotes health, with plants that bring more oxygen into the environment and reduce the amount of air pollutants.

More plants, air, colors, and sunlight, significantly improve the conditions in the office. Furthermore, businesses decrease their ecological footprint and save money by implementing furniture that is made out of materials such as reclaimed timber.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic furniture may not have been brought about by millennials, but it has surely gained popularity thanks to them. This includes comfortable chairs with memory foam padding, desks that can be adjusted according to one’s needs, ergonomic keyboards, and even stability balls. The quest for a comfortable and healthy environment doesn’t stop there though. It includes proper air quality, lighting, flooring materials, and office insulation as well. All of these standards are based on the need to make the workplace a second home.

Minimalist design

The contemporary office design no longer focuses on conventional computer desks, a whole bunch of conference chairs, and streamlined furnishings. The focus is now on the casual and the minimal, paying attention to inventiveness and comfort. The millennial standard consists out of casual, vintage-looking cabinets and shelves, minimalist chairs, modern coffee tables, and the like. The idea is not to have an abundance of items in your office, but strip it down to its essentials. According to the advice of storage solutions Perth professionals, the office can be made more spacious by renting a storage space where you can keep the unnecessary items until they can be of use.

Design for work and fun

In order to inspire the millennials to work harder, a good idea is to provide them with some entertainment options that can help them relax during work hours. This design includes gyms, entertainment rooms, and other things that can make your employees comfortable and satisfied. A lot of the big companies today are providing their workers with offices that combine solo and team work, spicing it up with fun and relaxing options that enable them to stay motivated.

Office design has changed a lot in order to accommodate the needs of the millennials. Looking at these contemporary designs, we can see that the new workforce knows how to make the best out of their work environment. The idea is to keep up with the trends, and get the best results.

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Written by Victoria Lim

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