Gaining more Instagram likes helps you get the most from your Instagram account. It is easy to say, but difficult to do, especially today when the platform rakes in over 1 billion people every month. That is a huge percentage of users that could be potential customers or influencer boosters for your profile, depending on your line of work. Details like Instagram stories or even your username can be successfully used to promote your profile. Use this checker to create a unique username that will lead you to success.

The following top six best ways to gain Instagram likes should give you an idea of how to make your posts more popular!

Stay Active on Instagram

The old saying of “you get what you give” applies perfectly in the world of social media. Out of all the networks out there, Instagram is the one that accounts more for your activity in regards to your profile’s growth.

If you want to be popular on Instagram, you first have to make others notorious, too. Simply put, if you want to get likes, first you have to give them. It’s a quid pro quo game where you increase your visibility by making others stand out.

So, to gain more Instagram likes you will have to be active on the platform every day. Take the time to view posts that are relevant to your business or activity. Leave likes and comments to make your presence known. Browse through stories and take part in contests and polls. This way, you will become a solid presence in a community that matters to your profile.

Share Great Quality Content

Being active is not the only way to gain more Instagram likes. Another great way to get more appreciation for your posts is to come up with high-quality content.

The task of producing unique, eye-catching content on the fastest growing social media platform is not easy. Regardless of your niche, you are probably facing the competition of thousands of businesses or influencers. They have the same goal as you, and the big prize is immutable admiration.

Your best choice is to invest time to create premium quality content for every post you upload. There is no room for blurry pictures or low-resolution videos. Editing must be impeccable and the final result should always be spectacular.

Call Users to Action

A sure way to get more likes for your Instagram posts is to ask your followers for help. Even if you have a small audience right now, you can still use it to attract more attention to your profile.

Call your followers to action by directly asking them to repost your photos or videos and tag their friends in them. It may seem like a desperate attempt for attention, but it works. Reward them with free giveaways and other social media benefits.

Additionally, you can post like-to-win contests in which users that like your posts have the opportunity to win a small prize from your company. Whether it is a discount price or a free product, people will rush in to try and win something in exchange for a measly like.

Tag Famous Brands

If you use Instagram to promote a business, then you are already part of an industry where there is a certain hierarchy of competitors. Your direct competition may be in the form of local companies in your area that practice the same work.

A good way of getting ahead of the competition is to get in touch with the brands that are at the top of the food chain in your niche. To get more likes on Instagram, you can tag them in your posts. This strategy will deliver two possible outcomes:

  • The big brand followers will discover your posts and like them as well
  • The big brands will acknowledge your existence by tagging you back in their posts

Both results are equally successful and can provide you with a generous amount of likes in the long run. It is an effective way of boosting your visibility and ensuring that your future posts receive more appreciation.

Invest More Than Just Time

Being popular and successful on social media takes plenty of time. You need to spend hours liking and commenting on other posts to attract attention to yours. You also have to analyze the performance of your posts to determine the next step in your strategy.

However, time is not the only resource that you have to invest to get more likes on Instagram. You also have to put in a bit of financial capital to ensure the long-term viability of your social proof. Working with professional social media experts like InstaGrowing should give you access to a broad variety of tools that will bring more likes your way.

Cross-Post on Other Networks

Sometimes to gain more Instagram likes you need to go outside Instagram. No, you don’t have to ask people on the street to like your Insta posts, but you can do it on other social media platforms.

Share your IG posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach an audience that uses Instagram rarely. With the right type of content, you can intrigue them just enough to check out your Insta posts and leave a complimentary like there.