A Beginners Guide On Taking Hemp Supplements

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The popularity of CBD and hemp supplements continues to grow each year. Because of this, consumers, patients, and medical practitioners alike are becoming more and more curious about the cannabis-derived product and its effects on the body.

However, despite its growing popularity, there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding the product. CBD is the non-intoxicating cannabis compound that has been used in recent years to treat many ailments in both people and animals. A lot of questions people have about the product. What is CBD? Is it legal to use? How does it work on the body?

If you’re thinking about taking hemp supplements, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re putting in your body and what effect it will have on you. There are also some negative thoughts towards it, and so it’s important to also have all the information and knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Guide To Taking Hemp Supplements

Hemp supplements or CBD products are derived from the hemp plant. CBD can be taken from marijuana as well. However, CBD products derived from industrial hemp are currently legal for use. Both marijuana and hemp are considered cannabis.

1. CBD Derived From Industrial Hemp is Legal

CBD derived from industrial hemp is a form of cannabis with less than 0.3% THC because of this it’s not under control by federal law. CBD that’s derived from marijuana I have with more than a 0.3% THC is considered illegal. Only in states where medical use is permitted as a legally controlled substance (a product with over 0.3% THC) is considered legal. It’s important to know the laws in your state surrounding the use of hemp supplements, CBD products, and THC levels.

2. Hemp Supplements Might Treat Anxiety

The psychoactive property of the CBD derived from hemp has been suspected to treat anxiety in patients. However, there has not been enough investigative study to prove this point. Patients who take hemp supplements to treat anxiety will have varying effects that have no rubric to measure against.

For this reason, the use of the product is still looked at with some skepticism. Claims of feeling better, having fewer anxiety episodes, and anxiety being cured completely or to a manageable level are pushing scientists to study the plant more closely.

3. Hemp Products Differ

Hemp products differ. The derived CBD can be used in edibles, oils and tinctures, creams and lotions, vapes, and other products. The variation allows for a more personal form of use. One of the most popular products is CBD oil as it has a versatile use. Both internal and external use of the products has been said to carry many benefits. The one thing about these products is that they don’t carry the smell that is associated with cannabis.

People think of smoking when they hear hemp or CBD as one of the more common uses of cannabis. However, those seeking the benefits and not the high will use hemp products with low THC instead. They are made to be discrete and not interfere with a person’s lifestyle.

4. CBD is Generally Safe for Dogs

More study is being done into the effects of CBD on dogs, cats, and other pets. However, some suggest that it carries a good deal of health benefits. It may help to treat seizures, arthritis, and other ailments. Dogs may also benefit from a better immune system, coat, and breath.

5. Hemp-Derived CBD is Legal, But Flying is Risky

While hemp-derived CBD is legal for use, there is still a risk when flying with these products. Varying states have different laws surrounding the product. TSA agents are legally required to report cannabis products to the authorities. At that point, it is truly up to the TSA and the authorities on whether you’ll be charged or not. It is best to avoid the risk and not fly with it until all states come under the same agreement on the products.

6. Dosing Is Personal

The dosing of CBD is still not an exact science. Users have to determine for themselves the amount they’d like to use. Makers of the products have a dose suggestion, but this is based more on experience than scientific fact. It is recommended that new users should start small. Use small doses and then wait for an hour or two before taking another if no effects are felt.

There is still a considerable amount of study that has to go into hemp supplements, CBD, and THC. The cannabis breed is also still being researched and how marijuana and hemp differ and what that could mean. As an adult, it is your responsibility to make informed decisions about your health and what you put in your body.

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