Video gaming is now a multi billion dollar industry. New consoles cost around $600 and the latest triple-A titles can cost $70, often offering hundreds of hours of gameplay in return for the investment. This works well for players with a lot of time on their hands who like blockbuster titles, but what about those who prefer to keep it simple?

Thankfully, there are other options. Gaming can be popular across all generations. You donโ€™t have to have the latest console to play awesome titles; there are games out there that you can hop on and off as you please, without having to plug in hundreds of hours of play for a rewarding experience.

Letโ€™s take a look at a few video games– some retro and some modern with simple designs and easy gameplay.


What can be simpler than the classic Tetris? Blocks fall vertically down the screen and you must place them in order to complete lines. Get six lines in one drop and youโ€™ll score a โ€˜Tetrisโ€™ and be on the way to big points.

This is another game that wonโ€™t consume all of your time and that is quick to pick up and play. Unless youโ€™re an absolute wizard, games should last a matter of minutes.

If you do get too good, you may be able to continue to the higher levels โ€“ however, the blocks start falling faster the more you progress, meaning youโ€™re destined to lose at some point. And then you can put down your handheld console or phone and get on with your day.

Online slots

Online casinos offer dozens of types of games, but slots are undoubtedly the ones that offer the most options and titles. Plus, there’s no need to learn a lot of rules or strategies, and you can play whenever you want, whether you’re on your computer or mobile.

In fact, slots have an endless number of options and themes, such as titles that take you back in time to the Egyptian and Roman eras. Other options include titles related to fishing, or even gems, such as Starburst, one of the newest titles available today, which features a classic and colorful design, 10 paylines and the Starburst Wild feature, which provides free spins.

Undoubtedly, slots are one of the most evolved titles with the transfer of classic games to the online sector, and they are set to evolve even further, with immersive titles and experiences for the player.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When you think of retro gaming, you may well think of some of the old Sega classics. And when it comes to platforms, thereโ€™s no game faster and simpler than Sonic the Hedgehog. Heโ€™s a speedy fella, and if you press โ€˜rightโ€™ along with timing your jumps correctly, youโ€™ll be zooming through the maps in no time.

If you donโ€™t have an old Sega Megadrive in your attic, fear not. The classic version is available on mobile. There have also been several console versions released in recent years, although if youโ€™re looking for simplicity then stick with ports of the original.


Back in the 1980s when gaming was mostly confined to the bustle of the arcades, Pacman was stealing the show as one of the most successful games of its era, raking in millions of dollars in loose change. For those who havenโ€™t played it before, the premise is pretty simple. Youโ€™re a weird little yellow guy who has to eat all of the dots in the maze before getting caught by the patrolling ghosts.

If you want to play Pacman, you could hunt down a retro arcade machine, or you could play on your smartphone or device via the app stores. There are also free versions of Pacman available online.

Xenon 2

This is one of the more unusual and lesser known games on the list, but for those who remember it, Xenon 2 will bring back loads of nostalgia.

It’s a vertical scrolling shooter game. Youโ€™re a space ship and youโ€™re navigating alien worlds, dealing with any threats along the way. When you get to the end of each level, you can purchase weapons and upgrades from a rogue alien tradesman.

First available on Atari and released in 1990, Xenon 2 can now be played on your browser via DOS versions and emulators. Itโ€™s a far cry from the open world madness of todayโ€™s games โ€“ making it perfect for those who want a shooter that keeps it simple.