San Diego has one of the best life qualities in the US. Many people come for the weather, the great food, the sports teams, and the diverse population that welcomes visitors. It’s expensive, but if you can afford it, you might consider living there.

Every place has some drawbacks, though, and traffic accidents certainly qualify. San Diego sees plenty of them. Some involve two vehicles. Some involve one car and a pedestrian or cyclist.

In this article, we will talk about multiple-car collisions in the San Diego area. If you get in one, you might consider hiring a car accident attorney. We will also run through some reasons why you’ll want San Diego lawyers on your side.

What is a Multiple-Car Accident?

San Diego multiple-car collisions happen frequently. What would the police consider a multi-car accident, though?

A multi-car accident means one involving more than two cars. Three cars involved in one accident qualifies. You might also witness an accident where many vehicles hit each other. These pile-ups happen on the freeway sometimes, and when they do, fatalities are possible.   

What Causes These Accidents?

If you look at San Diego car accidents, you can often identify the same determining factors. With multi-car accidents, distracted driving often comes into play. Distracted driving happens when someone talks to someone in the passenger’s seat or backseat and doesn’t watch the road ahead. If you have kids in the car and they’re talking loudly or singing, that can do it.

Food or drink sometimes distracts drivers in San Diego when they should watch the road for changing traffic patterns. Biting into a burger while on the highway might cause a wreck. Looking at a text message on your smartphone might do it as well.

What Else Causes Accidents?

Road rage sometimes causes accidents. Speeding might cause them. Driving in poor weather conditions might do it, especially if you’re also driving faster than you should.

Alcohol sometimes causes multi-car accidents. Drug use can do it. Sometimes, you might ingest a legal drug your doctor prescribed, but it makes you woozy or sleepy. That might cause a multi-car accident.

What Injuries Can You Sustain?

In multi-car accidents in San Diego, you can sustain whiplash. That’s a common injury if a car hits your rear bumper and you strike the vehicle ahead of you.

You might sustain cuts, bruises, or internal injuries. You can break bones if a car hits you with some significant velocity behind it.

Following an accident, after the adrenaline wears off, you should probably see a doctor. You might get an ambulance ride to the hospital, or you can drive yourself there if your car still functions and you don’t have any noticeable, life-threatening injuries.

Why Should You Hire a San Diego Car Accident Attorney?

Following multi-car accidents in San Diego, you might not feel sure what steps make sense as you try putting the pieces back together. Maybe you feel sure another driver caused the accident, and you did nothing wrong. Perhaps the other driver or drivers claim something different.

You can approach a car accident lawyer and explain the situation to them. They will ask several questions and try to figure out who caused the collision. If they agree to take you on as a client, they should help you in several ways.

What Might They Do for You?

A San Diego car accident attorney can help you talk to your insurance provider. They can also speak to another driver’s insurance provider if necessary.

If you determine that you must sue another driver or more than one in a multi-car collision situation, your lawyer can help you there as well. They can lay out your case and explain the steps. They might also help you fill out the necessary paperwork if you must miss work for a time because the car accident injured you.

Your lawyer can take the other driver or drivers to court and speak on your behalf. They might get a settlement offer if another driver’s lawyer tells them they caused the accident and you have them dead to rights. You might accept that offer or reject it, depending on your lawyer’s recommendation.

What Else Can the Lawyer Do for You?

The lawyer can help you if the other driver or drivers will not settle out of court. They might have an investigator on their payroll who can look for video evidence that shows the crash in real-time. They might find store camera footage, cell phone camera footage, dash cam footage, or traffic camera footage.

They might also find witnesses who saw the crash and can talk about it under oath. They may hire expert witnesses who can speak about the crash scene, even if they did not witness the accident themselves.

Your lawyer can help you through the whole trial process until it reaches a jury’s decision. At that point, you might get some money that can help you put your life back together in the accident’s aftermath.

Why Should You Always Hire a Lawyer After a Multi-Car Crash?

In San Diego multi-car crash situations, you might have no problems afterward. The other drivers might admit they caused the wreck, and their insurance can pay your medical bills. Their insurance might pay to fix your car and get it back out on the road as well.

Many times, though, these crashes get messy and complicated very quickly. One driver might say they didn’t cause what happened, or they admit only partial guilt. You might not have the evidence you need to prove you didn’t cause the wreck.

A lawyer can help you sort everything out so you can get your life back on track. They can also provide you with some emotional support as you navigate these difficult times.

You can try sorting out the details after one of these accidents on your own, but you may find it challenging without a lawyer. Hiring one usually makes sense.