Doesn’t everybody wish that they could do whatever they please? Not in terms of criminality, of course. There’s no need to go around taking whatever you please and generally being a menace to society. But rather having the chance to do what you want in life. Because of work and everyday adult responsibilities, this seems too far fetched for most, and they’d be right. 

But, some people have cracked the code. They’ve found financial freedom (whether through smart money moves or plain good luck), and this has allowed them to follow their dreams. This gives your everyday millennial something to aspire to. However, you don’t always need the financial freedom to do whatever you want. Sometimes, you just need to know how to do what you want, even with everything else going on in life.  

The Freedom 

Knowing that you can do whatever you want (within reason, and this cannot be stressed enough) will open your eyes to the freedom you have in your hands. Too many people consider themselves confined by unwritten rules, and this can hold them back. 

However, knowing that you can dress however you want, you can listen to whatever you please, or read whatever you like, are the first crucial steps towards making some significant changes in your life. Of course, you may still have responsibilities, but you don’t need to allow these responsibilities to entirely control your life. 

The Experiences 

Whether you want to move to another country or try something you’ve never tried before, doing whatever you want will fill your life with exceptional experiences that others may never get the chance to have themselves. These experiences give you something to learn about the world and yourself, and this is one of the most important ways for someone to grow. 

If you’ve lived your life wishing for something different and have nothing tying you to your current situation, consider which experiences are possible. It could be a major change in your life, or it could be something smaller but still fills you with happiness. Whatever it is, understand that it is possible for you to try. 

The Confidence 

If you’ve always struggled with being confident, perhaps doing whatever you want can help you change this. Consider if there is anything about yourself that you feel self-conscious about? Now consider that you can make changes if you want. 

This can include something as simple as dying your hair to finally getting serious about your fitness routine, or even rhinoplasty surgery. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, but they are often worried to take the first significant step. Once you take that step, though, you’ll find that the confidence that comes from it is unmatched. 

The Friendships 

It can feel impossible to make friendships once you leave school. Even if you meet like-minded people at work or clubs, they aren’t always friends that you would consider for life. The friendships you can make by doing what you want will be immensely satisfying and fulfilling. You will always have someone to speak to about anything, and you may even have connections all over the world. 

These friendships can open up your world to vast opportunities that are unlike anything else you have ever experienced. You could meet people who introduce you to your dream job or your dream partner, and this can change your life dramatically for all of the right reasons. 

The Productivity 

Happy people are productive people, and people are generally happier when they feel they have the agency to live their lives the way they want. Rather than feel bogged down in all the everyday mundanity of work, people want to look for something else. This doesn’t just mean hanging out with friends after work, but rather have the freedom to do what they want to do. 

Whether this applies to their professional or personal life is up to them to decide. Perhaps you want the freedom to take on additional projects and prove yourself. Perhaps you want to adopt more flexible working to focus on what you love to do the most. Whatever it is, consider speaking to someone who can make that possible. 

The Health 

Similarly, knowing that you are free to escape the humdrum office life and give yourself time will have immense benefits for your health. You won’t feel as stressed by everyday tasks, and this will improve your mood, increase your energy levels, and make you happy. You’ll have the chance to go to the gym, go for runs, or take fitness classes whenever you like. 

Besides escaping the work-life, though, you can also apply this to your personal life. The only person who is in charge of your health is you, and this allows you to take control of it however you like. By looking at ways to improve your health, whether through exercise, eating better, or looking at it spiritually, you can see significant changes, and you can feel satisfied that you’ve done it the way you want to. 

The No-Regrets 

Living a life full of regrets is no way to exist. The last thing you want is to spend your days wondering What if, so even if you’re unsure about whether to go for it (whatever It is) it’s always better to try it. With the world as connected as it is, there is always some way for you to learn more about whatever you want to do, and you’ll find people who can offer crucial advice, so the opportunity is always there if you want to take it. 

If you live your life without regrets, you’ll be more fulfilled, and this will directly impact your happiness and positivity. You won’t spend your days wishing that you’d taken chances, and you’ll have all the experiences and knowledge that come from doing whatever you please. 

Doing It Your Way

While you might still have to go into the office each day, sit (or more likely stand) on the subway for hours there and back, and then come home and deal with all the boring parts of real life, you can still find small pockets of time to do whatever you want. It might take some getting used to, but you’ll soon find how much this freedom can positively impact your life, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way before it.