Make Your Child’s Birthday Extra Special with These Fun Tips

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As a loving parent, it’s natural to want to make your kid happy on their birthday. On their special day, they will want to feel loved and appreciated by their friends and family.

Unfortunately, a significant proportion (44%) of parents in the UK admit that they struggle to afford paying for their kid’s birthdays and can often find themselves in debt once having forked out for the celebrations.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to make your child’s birthday extra special. Often or not, it’s the thought that counts, and quality time can go the whole mile.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing which will help you to create a day your kid won’t forget!

Morning surprises

One way to make your little boy or girl’s day memorable is by saying “Happy Birthday” from the moment they wake up.

Whilst they are sleeping you may choose to fill their room up with balloons and streamers or write a birthday message in non-permanent marker on their mirror. Continue this star treatment by cooking them their favorite breakfast, and having them sit in a special birthday ‘throne’.

A special card

Writing a thoughtful message inside a birthday card is a guaranteed way put a smile on your kid’s face. A birthday is a great time to get gushy and let your child know how much you are proud of them and love them.

You may also include some pictures of your favorite moments together over the past year for that added sentimental touch.

Gift treasure hunt

Gifts aren’t the be-all end-all of birthdays. However, organizing a treasure hunt is a creative way of presenting your child with their presents.

Hide your wrapped presents a certain location – you may choose to go do this inside your house or even a familiar location. Design a trail where at the end point, your child will receive their star present.

This is sure to keep them entertained, and you can even get their friends involved!

A “yes” day

If you find yourself stumped for present ideas, or don’t have the budget to splurge on lavish gifts, consider the concept of having a “yes” day.

This means that whatever your child asks – you have to comply! For example, they may want to stay up past their usual bedtime, go out for dessert, or have longer to play on their favorite video game.

You may also create vouchers which they can cash in for return favors. For example, “one extra chocolate bar” or a “get out of chores for free” card.

However, you choose to celebrate your kid’s special day – simply offering up your time and attention will go a long way. We hope you and your little one has a lovely day!

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Written by Hanna Hayda

Hanna Hayda is an avid blogger about creating the perfect home environment for your family. From cooking to home improvement, Hanna and her husband share tips and tricks as weekend warriors from the Pacific Northwest.

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