Successful parties have three things in common: good music, good drinks and interesting conversation. However, to achieve the perfect party, you need to go the extra mile. By bumping up the fun, your next party can be the most memorable. All it takes is a few simple additions to your usual party plan. You can add a little personalized music to the gathering by renting a karaoke machine, offer guests the aquatic option of a hot tub or jazz up your usual boring drink selection.

The Power Of Karaoke

Not everyone can sing in tune, but if your guests are having fun then no one will care. With a karaoke machine, you can bring your music-loving friends together to belt out their favorite tunes. Whether you rent a karaoke machine or already own one, adding singing to the mix will only increase the festivities. If you don’t want to splurge on a karaoke machine, there are multiple karaoke apps that can be used to play and record your favorite songs. You can even broadcast YouTube onto your TV screen and play karaoke videos from there with players like Fire TV, Chromecast or Roku at your next party. Just make sure that your television speakers can handle the loud warbling of your friends. With modern technology, there are no limits to singing fun. Just add alcohol and watch the magic happen.

Hot Tub Fun Machine

Everyone loves a steaming hot tub. Simply invite guests to bring their bathing suits and turn on the jets. Adding a hot tub to the mix gives an extra dimension, like bringing the beach to your backyard. Whether the party is hot-tub themed or you’re just offering a warm soak as an extra activity, guests will be sure to have a blast. When you opt for a hot tub, make sure you plan ahead so guests don’t all rush the tub at the same time. Consider asking guests to also bring their own towel and make sure that anyone relaxing in the hot tub doesn’t need to constantly get up and down to refresh their drinks. With all the extra traffic, make sure to constantly monitor the pH of your hot tub and keep it clean, using products like these spa chemicals. You don’t want to send party guests home with rashes.

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Bottoms Up

Boring beers and straightforward cocktails may be perennially popular, but they’re not very exciting. Jazz up your next party by mixing up your drink selection. You could hire a professional bartender or do some experimentation of your own. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make fun fruity cups at home. By buying a few pineapples and a watermelon from your local grocery store and using some of your knife skills, you can quickly fashion drink cups that will keep your guests talking. Fill them with traditional fruity cocktails or surprise by adding a drink with a kick. Consider purchasing some edible food glitter as well. This can be added to ice cubes to bedazzle the plainest cocktail. For guests with a sweet tooth, add ice cream cocktails to your repertoire. Beverages like rum, bourbon and whiskey all go great with sweetened ice cream floats and serve a multipurpose function as dessert.

Elevate Your Next Party

Step out of your comfort zone by trying something different from the old tired party routine. Your blowouts should keep your friends talking long after the party is over. Having fun isn’t hard when you pull out all the stops. Transforming your next party into unforgettable celebrations is as easy as finding your inner pop star through karaoke, relaxing in a steaming hot tub and cranking up the drink selection to the next level.