Millennials are usually seen as industry killers or disruptors, but it wasn’t like they were doing it on purpose. Due to economic difficulties, Millennials have been known to spend less than their parents, and this trend has worked its way into all industries, including the wedding industry.

Key Differences Between Millennials and Past Generations

The biggest difference between Millennials and previous generations is how much they’re willing to spend on them. A 2018 Open Listings survey found that 62% of Millennial couples were only planning to spend $10,000 or less on their future wedding. Gen Z plans to spend much less.

Micro weddings, where less than 50 people attend the ceremony and reception, are super popular with Millennials. They prefer to have longer receptions and parties and often take their wedding ideas and wedding gift ideas from Pinterest. They’re big fans of green weddings and modernizing traditions

Millennials also love personalization. From ordering a customized wedding photo book to indulging in a unique wedding dress, Millennials prefer to try out something different.

How Millennials Plan to Celebrate Their Weddings

When Millennials participate in something traditional, they’re more likely to be creative and/or shake things up with mainstays from their generation, like technology and social media, especially within the wedding industry.

1. Millennials are Catering Masterminds

Millennials are more likely to be concerned with their health than past generations, so their catering menus almost always include seasonal produce. But that doesn’t mean they won’t indulge in cookies and cakes as long as they’re prepared with high-quality ingredients.

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If your wedding has a food truck, taco station, kombucha bar, ice-cream cart, or grazing table, it’s truly Millennial. Breakfast or brunch weddings are also popular Millennial staples.

2. Millennials Aren’t Interested in Traditional Wedding Registries

Everyone secretly disliked traditional wedding registries, but Millennials were the first generation within the wedding industry to collectively agree they suck.

Most Millennials aren’t interested in crystal glassware or fine china because they likely don’t have a house to put them in. Instead, they prefer to take cash.

With a cash registry, Millennials can save up for their honeymoon, get the furniture they need, or save up for a house. Plus, their guests will play an active part in those purchases.

3. Millennials Like to Organize and Plan Early

It’s pretty old hat to think that Millennials are the only generation that loves instant gratification. Our brains are hardwired for it; it’s just that Millennials use it differently, especially in the wedding industry. For example, Millennials are more likely than any other generation to plan early for big events, like weddings or parties.

Since Millennials like to plan, they also get to create custom pieces with more than enough time to spare before their big day. That means custom rings and wedding dresses are common.

4. Millennials Prefer to Document Everything on Social Media

Young Millennials, also called Gen Z are the first generation to grow up using social media. It makes sense that social media would show up at their wedding, considering it plays such an important part in their lives. Self-stations and wedding hashtags are Millennial wedding staples.

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With wedding hashtags, guests can upload and share their snaps in real time. This allows the wedding couple to look up candid, priceless moments immediately whenever they feel like it.

5. Millennials Choose Less Conventional Venues

While there are religious Millennials, this generation has one of the highest Atheist populations to date. Many Millennials felt uncomfortable marrying in a church or sticking with other orthodox traditions. For this reason, Millennials started exploring other venues, attire, and party options.

Another great Millennial tradition? Including man’s best friend in the wedding party. It’s not uncommon to see dogs, cats, bunnies, or snakes walking down the aisle with their owners.

6. Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

When it comes to wedding gift ideas, Millennials appreciate items that cater to their individual tastes and modern lifestyle.

Personalized gifts such as custom artwork, engraved cutting boards, or bespoke home décor are highly valued. These thoughtful presents not only align with their preference for unique and meaningful items but also add a personal touch to their wedding celebrations.

Additionally, experiences like cooking classes, wine tasting tours, or adventure packages make memorable gifts that create lasting memories for the couple.

Millennials Impact on the Wedding Industry

Millennials are redefining weddings with their unique preferences and values, opting for personalized, tech-savvy celebrations that embrace creativity and sustainability while shunning traditional norms.