You might recognize Kenta Seki as fitness icon, Jillian Michaels’ super-ripped protégé, but this sculpted adonis has gained his own recognition as a sponsored athlete, fitness model, certified fitness trainer and branded health influencer. Having carved a niche in the fitness industry, Kenta, 34, has recently added GNC Wellness to his long list of wins.

A Special Blend Of Wellbeing

Millennial Magazine- Kenta Seki


His passion for fitness started as a young boy, inspired by his father who was a martial arts instructor. When he was old enough, he joined his father in the basement where body building became a daily routine. However, when his sister introduced him to Yoga at age nine, Kenta was immediately captivated. Meditation became an integral part of Kenta’s fitness training and he began thinking about yoga as a lifestyle.

“Focusing on the positive is always a big thing for me. Some physical things I do are meditation—just stopping, sitting, breathing—and doing mental energy cleansing of my body, my mind, my thoughts, and of those around me.”

Kenta believes the world has changed and so has the fitness industry. His approach now is to offer people a special blend of wellbeing that includes movement, meditation and nutrition. His philosophy is that it’s not just about how you look but how you feel. He knows from personal experience what it takes to live this way of life, and in Kenta’s opinion, everyone deserves to have their best life possible.

Mind And Matter

Millennial Magazine- Kenta Seki


Kenta’s career began as a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, California, but it wasn’t long before modeling agents took notice. He immediately carved a niche in fitness modeling and has since appeared in over 100 exercise videos, including his latest 30-day video workout course, Total Shred.

Known for his signature style of inspiring mantras, upbeat playlists, and creative challenges, Kenta has partnered with major fitness brands, including Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, and now GNC Wellness.

As the newest member of #TeamGNC, Kenta will be regularly contributing health and wellness advice to the GNC Live Well Expert Series available on YouTube and his website.

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